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About us

Drifter Sport Shop is the way to incredible winter adventures and extreme sports on the slopes. We are a haven for anyone looking for an experience not available in everyday life.
Our company is proud to offer a wide range of ski and snowboard equipment of the highest quality, which gives you confidence and freedom of movement on the snowy slopes.
Since our foundation, we have had one goal in mind - to inspire people to achieve feats and bold steps. Our team is made up of true winter sports fans who know how important it is to have reliable and modern equipment. We strive to keep this spirit alive in our products and service.
We pride ourselves not only on the high quality of our equipment, but also on our excellent service. Our team consists of experienced professionals, ready to share tips and advice to make your journey on the slopes as comfortable and safe as possible.


  • Varied assortment
    A wide range of equipment for all fitness levels so that everyone can find the perfect solution
  • Fast delivery
    We guarantee prompt delivery of your order so you can enjoy your new equipment on the slope
  • Top quality
    Our equipment is made of reliable and innovative materials to ensure your safety and comfort
  • Expert support
    Our team is always ready to help you choose the best equipment and answer all your questions
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